I'm an Ocean (All Emotion)
Pet peeves?

Negativity, sarcasm, detachment, cynicism. 

How long do you take to do your hair?

It takes me about 15-20 minutes to do my hair. Towel dry, then apply volumizer, then blowdry, brush, etc. 

hmm ive started hrt but want to lose weight do u know of anyone who did that

I did… Other than that, I’m not sure. 

I've started playing with make up and have fallen in love with liquid eyeliner. What's your favorite make up, and what should I explore next, after nail polish?

You’re ahead of me in the eyeliner game. I’m nowhere near the point where I feel like I have the skills to try liquid liner :) 

Any makeup tips/brand recommendations? I'm thinking of pretty simple stuff like foundation/concealer (to cover 5 o'clock shadow), eyeliner, etc. Also, what sort of tools would be useful (brushes, sponges, etc)?

I use Mary Kay Creme-To-Powder foundation and I’m very happy with that so far. I use Sephora brand eyeshadow and liner. My use of brushes is pretty minimal, but I use a kabuki brush to apply anti-shine powder when I’m done with everything else. 

Ooh. Anything? Really?

Sure. I reserve the right to not answer a question I don’t feel like addressing, obviously :) 

Can you draw?

Nope. I’m no Pam Beesly or anything :) 

did u start working out when u started hrt

Started working out about a year before I started HRT.. 

You are super pretty and I hope hormones treat me as well as they've treated you.

Aww! You are so sweet :) 

Are there any special things you do/have done to help yourself transition to beautifully?

I try to stay out of the sun, and I wear high SPF sunscreen/moisturizer on my face every day. Beyond that, I think I REALLY benefited from transitioning gradually. If I had just jumped right into living full time right when I started hormones, I think my transition would have been far bumpier and less successful overall.