I'm an Ocean (All Emotion)
I'm scared to come out as genderfluid. I'm scared that my mom won't love me anymore. I wish I was brave like you, and not a worthless coward. Any advice? Sorry to bother you, by the way.

(Hugs) You are neither worthless nor a coward. You are doing what you have to do at this moment to survive, just like everyone else. Be kind and loving to yourself, first of all.

At the gym… Any asks for me? :)

Another shot from earlier today :) #selfieouttakes #mtf #transgender #dmab #trans

Another shot from earlier today :) #selfieouttakes #mtf #transgender #dmab #trans

You're like beautiful and shit. Ily don't feel left out you're awesome and wonderful and yeah. Have a good day!

Aww! Thank you :) 

New stuff on my Seahawks blog.

Why don't you think you'll never fit in?

I never felt comfortable among guys. I don’t really click with most other trans women face-to-face. Most of my friends are cis women, but I still feel uncomfortable in gender-segregated “women’s spaces.” 

It’s not fun. :( 

Hey everyone :)

Hey everyone :)

Why do you wear the same makeup? Change it up a little!

I’ll do exactly what I FEEL like doing. Nothing more, nothing less. Also, makeup, you know, costs money and shit. What I’m doing with it right now works, and I’m not going to change just for change’s sake. 

Good morning,  everyone!  :)

Good morning, everyone! :)

It was great getting to see Laverne Cox speak tonight, but I’m left with the nagging feeling that I just don’t fit well into any group… not “women,” not even “trans women.” It’s bracing to feel like you are destined to never fit in, particularly when you desperately crave connection with others and a sense of community.